Our personnel offer our clients over 40 years of exclusive golf course construction experience.  Our group has been involved with such architects as Art Hills/Steve Forrest, John LaFoy, Tom Fazio, Tom Marzolf, Harrison Minchew, Eric Larson, Arnold Palmer/Ed Seay, Jerry Matthews, Paul Albanesse, Ault/Clark & Associates, Dan Schlegel, Bill Love, Bruce Matthews, Jack Nicklaus, Harry Bowers and others.  We strive to go beyond our clients and architects expectations with meticulous attention to the finish details desired.
810.632.6270 PH
Architectural References:

Chris Wilczynski, C.W. Golf Architecture, LLC
1280 Bicentennial Parkway
Ann Arbor, MI  48108
Ph. 734.395.7941

Dan Schlegel G.C.Designs- Dan Schlegel
169 Antiqua Place
Edgewater, MD  32217
Ph. 443.203.0020

Art Hills/Steve Forrest & Associates- Steve Forrest/Ken Williams                 
7351 West Bancroft                                              
Toledo, Ohio  43615                                             
Ph. 419.841.8553

Palmer Course Design- Eric Larson
9000 Bay Hill Blvd., Suite 300
Orlando, FL  32819                                               
Ph. 407-876-1068

Nichlaus Design- Doug Morey
11780 US Hwy One
West Palm Beach, FL  33408
Ph. 561-227-0300

Harrison Minchew Course Design
1186 Neck Road
Ponte Vedra, FL  32082
Ph. 904.322.8370    

Matthews Design Group - W. Bruce Matthews III                                   
P.O. Box 382                                                           
Okemos, MI 48805-0382                                      
Ph. 517.339.9700                                                 

LaFoy Designs- John LaFoy
521 Blacks Road
Greenville, SC  29615
Ph. 864.458.9073

Fazio Golf Course Design- Tom Marzolf
109 S. Main Street
Hendersonville, NC  28792
Ph 704.693.0052

McCumber Golf- Mr. Jeff Lucovsky                      
7502 Plantation Bay Drive                                 
Jacksonville, FL 32244                                         
Ph. 904.778.8333 & Ph. 561.227.0481

Bill Love Designs- Bill Love
6302 Tecumseh Place
Berwyn Heights, MD  20740
Ph. 301.441.8306

Ault, Clark & Assoc.- Tom Clark
3821 Farragut Ave.
Kensington, MD  20895
Ph. 301.942.0716

Albanese/Lutzke Design- Paul Albanese
563 Maple Street
Plymouth, MI  48170
Ph. 734.667.5150

GreenScapes Design- Leigh Thurston/Harry Bowers
125 N. Huron St., Ste. 150
Ypsilanti, MI  48197
Ph. 734.480.9741

Natural Course Design- Jerry Matthews
2510 Kerry St., Suite 100
Lansing, MI  48912
Ph. 517.485.0480
Resume of Courses:

Wanakah Country ClubHamburg, NY
Architect: Chris Wilczyski   Ph. 734.395.7941
Notes:  Full Renovation of select holes throughout course.

Chikaming Country Club, Lakeside, MI 
Architect: Bruce Matthews    Ph. 517-339-9700
Notes: A new 4 hole addition/renovation, irrigation and pond feature.

Harbor Shores Golf Club,   Benton Harbor, MI
Architect: Jack Nicklaus Designs “Signature Course”
Construction Mgr: Doug Morey   Ph.561-227-0481
Notes: New Course - 18 holes: Full Construction.

Walnut Creek Country ClubSouth Lyon, MI
Architect: Paul Albanese - Albanese & Lutzke
Supt- Ed Hock                                                Ph. 734-667-5150
Remodel of 10 tees and 8 bunkers.
Gordon Lakes GC,   Augusta, GA
Architect:  Dan Schlegel - Schlegel Golf Course Designs       Ph. 443-203-0020
U.S. Army project remodeling 9 holes of Tees, Bunkers & Greens with irrigation adjustments.

Sailfish Point Country Club,    Stuart, FL
Architect:  Doug Morey- Nicklaus Designs “Signature Course”     Ph.561-227-0481
Supt- Scott MacPhee - 772-225-1200
Notes: Total reconstruction of 18 holes.

Meridian Hills Country Club,   Indianapolis, IN
Architect:  Arthur Hills/Steve Forrest & Assoc.
Ken Williams    Ph. 419-841-8553
Notes: Reshape existing 18th green surrounds.

Sailfish Pointe Country Club,   Stuart, FL
Architect:  Doug Morey- Nicklaus Designs “Signature Course”     Ph.561-227-0481
Notes: Shaping all green bunkers and surrounds.

Oakwood Country Club,   Lynchburg, VA
Architect:  Dan Schlegel        Ph.443-203-0020
Notes: Complete new construction with driving range.

Chikaming Country Club,   Lakeside, MI  
Architect:  Bruce Matthews    Ph. 517-339-9700
Notes: Extensive Drainage Program (27,000 lf), Bunker Sand/Drainage change out.

The Country Club of Harrisburg,   Harrisburg, PA
Architect: Dan Schlegel, Ault/Clark & Associates
Ph. 443-203-0020
Supt.-Mr. Frey
Notes: Irrigation Ponds, No. 14 & 15 remodel, and misc. tees.

Great Oaks Country Club,   Rochester, MI
Architect:  Mark McCumber & Associates
Jeff Lucovsky     Ph. 904.778.8333
Superintendent:  Don Knop           
General Manager:  David Grake
Notes:  General Contract for remodel of all Tees, Bunkers and extensive drainage system (36,000 linear feet).

Fruitport Golf Center,
   Muskegon, MI
Architect: Bruce Matthews, III    Ph. 517.881.7346
Owner:   Bob Kelsey   Ph. 231.798.9303
Notes: General Contract for remodel of golf learning center.

Glenhurst Golf Course,   Redford, MI
Architect:  Harry Bowers/Leigh Thurston
Ph. 734.480.9741
Notes: General Contract for remodel of 18 holes (Tees & Bunkers with 3 new greens).

Sanctuary Lakes Golf Course,   Troy, MI
Owner:  City of Troy   Ph. 248.524.3340
Notes: General Contract for mass earth through seeding for new 18 hole city owned course.  Total earth shift was 575,000 cy’s

Mercer Oaks Golf Club,   Lawrenceville, NJ
Architect:  Dan Schlegel     Ph. 301.942.0716
Ault, Clark & Associates
Notes: Finish Shaping through Seeding of 18 new hole course.

Eagle Lakes Golf Club,   Clarkston, MI
Owner: Brian Najor                                      
Notes: Contract for remodel of 18 holes.

Pheasant Run Golf Course,    Canton, MI    
Architect:  Steve Forrest/Ken Williams
Art Hills & Associates     Ph. 419.841.8553
Notes: Contracted for the earth shift and shaping of this 9 hole addition for General Contractor.  Total earth shift was 177,000 yards.

Lyon Oaks Golf Course,   South Lyon, MI
Architect:  Steve Forrest/Ken Williams
Art Hills & Associates     Ph. 419.841.8553
Notes: Contract for rough & fine shaping of 18 hole course. Earth shift of 100,000 yards.

Copper Ridge Golf Course,    Davison, MI
Owner/Arch: Doug Treadwell    Ph. 734.282.2122                                                                 Notes: General contract for new construction 18 hole golf course. Completed construction within 4 months.

The Preserve,    Fenton, MI
Architect:  Harrison Minchew     Ph. 904.322.8370
Palmer Course Design Company
Notes: General Contract for 18 hole new construction golf course. Total earth shifted was 427,000 yards.

Marietta Country Club*    Marietta, OH
Architect:  Dan Schlegel    Ph. 310.942.0716
Ault, Clark & Associates
Notes:  General Contract remodel of courses bunkers for Ohio Mid-Amateur Tournament course.

Red Hawk Golf Course,   East Tawas, MI
Architect:  Chris Wilczynski    Ph. 419.841.8553
Art Hills & Assoc.
Notes: Site Preparation/Stumping of 18 hole course.

Allentown Municipal Golf Course*, Allentown, PA
Architect:  Dan Schlegel    Ph. 310.942.0716
Ault, Clark & Assoc.
Project Manager:  Joe Busolits, (Retired) Ph. 610.437.7750
Notes: General Contractor for remodel of 18 greens & 2 new ponds.
Devils Lake Golf CourseManitou Beach, MI
Owner: Mr. Steve Snyr      Ph. 517.547.3653
Notes: General Contract for 10 new holes.

Briar Ridge Golf Course, Montrose, MI
Owner: Doug Treadwell    Ph. 734.282.2122
Notes: General Contractor on new 9 hole new construction. 

C.T. Myers Golf Course*,   Charlotte, NC
Architect:  Mr. Dan Schlegel
Ault, Clark & Associates                               
Notes: New Construction of 9 holes with Driving Range on landfill.

Whitefish Lake Golf Course, Pierson, MI
Architect:  Paul Albanese     Ph (248) 435-0142                                    
Notes: General Contract for new construction of 9 holes/5 remodeled.

Hunters' Ridge Golf Course,   Howell, MI                 
Architect:  Paul Albanese
Matthews & Associates
Notes: General Contract for earth shift through finish shaping of new construction of 18 holes with driving range.
Club Campestre de Monterrey*, Monterrey, Mexico
Architect:  Mr. Bill Love
Notes: Full reconstruction.  Home of the Nike Invitational Tournament held early March. 

Tom's Run Golf Course,    Blairsville, PA
Chestnut Ridge Golf Club*
Architect:  Mr. Bill Love/Mr. Dan Schlegel
Ault, Clark & Associates, Ltd.
Notes: New construction of 21 new holes with  5 hole remodel to existing course.

Waldorf Golf Course*,   Waldorf, MD
Architect:  Bill Love
Ault, Clark & Associates, Ltd.
Notes: Partial remodel/rough shape.

Caves Valley Country Club,    Baltimore, Maryland
Architect:  Tom Fazio/Tom Marzolf
Fazio Golf Course Design                                         
Notes: Responsible for Fine Shaping of this 21 hole private club.       

Country Club of Charleston*,  Charleston, NC
Architect:  Mr. John LaFoy                                       
Notes: Finish Shaping/Grading 18 holes.

MacGregor Downs Country Club*,   Cary, NC
Superintend.: Mr. Jeff Granger
430 St. Andrews Lane, Cary, North Carolina 
Ph 919-467-0146
Notes: Finish Shaping/Grading 18 greens.

Uwharrie Point Golf Club,   Uwharrie Point, NC
Architect:  Mr. Tom Fazio
Fazio Golf Course Designs
Notes: Rough/Fine Shaping and Grading.

Riverchase Country Club*   Birmingham, Alabama
Architect:  Mr. John LaFoy
Notes: Rough/Fine Shaping of 18 greens.

Wild Quail Country ClubDover, Delaware
Architect:  Mr. Bill Love
Ault, Clark & Associates, Ltd. 
Notes: Rough/Fine Shaping 18 holes new construction.

Vestavia Country Club* Birmingham, Alabama
Architect:  Mr. John LaFoy
Notes: Rough/Fine Shaping of 18 holes.

Settindown Creek,     Atlanta, Georgia
Architect:   Robert Cupp
Cupp Designs
Notes: Rough/Fine Shape of 18 hole new construction.

The following are courses which Randal Pichan, the principle of  Eagle Golf Construction, has worked with other organizations to complete.

TPC Piper Glen,   Charlotte, North Carolina
Architect:  Mr. Arnold Palmer/ Mr. Ed Seay
Mr. Harrison Minchew/ Mr. Eric Larson
Notes: Rough/Fine Shape and Seed bed Preparation of 18 hole new construction.  Course hosts an annual PGA Seniors Tournament.

Rancho Murieta Country Club*,
Rancho Murieta, CA
Architect: Mr. Arnold Palmer/ Mr. Ed Seay “Palmer Signature”
Harrison Minchew/Eric Larson
Notes: Construction Management for construction crews of this 18 hole remodel.  Course has hosted Senior PGA Tournaments.

Feather Sound Country Club*,  Clearwater, Florida
Architect:  Mr. Bob Cupp
Notes: Construction Management over 18 hole remodel.

Hidden Hills Country Club*,   Jacksonville, FloridaArchitect:  Mr. Arnold Palmer/ Mr. Ed Seay
Eric Larson
Notes: Rough/Fine Shaping and Seed bed Preparation. Managed the Sprigging Operation.

Isleworth Country Club,   Orlando, Florida
Architect:  Mr. Arnold Palmer/ Mr. Ed Seay
Eric Larson/ Harrison Minchew
Notes: Construction Management and Fine Grade/Seed bed. Preparation for an 18 hole exclusive Palmer course.

Teton Pines Country Club,   Jackson, Wyoming
Architect:  Mr. Arnold Palmer/ Mr. Ed Seay
Harrison Minchew/Eric Larson
Notes: Rough/Fine Shaping and Seed bed Preparation of this 18 hole resort course.  Voted #1 Resort Course (1987) by Golf Digest.

Lone Tree Country Club,   Denver, Colorado
Architect:  Mr. Arnold Palmer/ Mr. Ed Seay
Notes: Labor Management and Seed bed Preparation.